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Really strange... I just have AT&T U-verse TV and I got WPAN right? WPAN doesn't show up since we got AT&T... If y'all have DirecTV, did you have the same thing still?
WBQP should have its signal increased for the Mobile area.
Anything going on for our local channels here lately?
Yeah, but at my house, it woudn't connect because it suggest me to turn on GPS as I still had it on. But when I was riding, it connected. But I really hope Mobile and Pensacola is listed.What I wanted them to listed are...WMPV (5 subchannels)APT (3 subchannels)WHBRWSRE (4 subchannels)WJTCWFNAWPANWKRGWALAWPMIWFGXWEARWDPMhttps://www.facebook.com/Syncbak Just do it and you'll get it soon.
Have everyone heard of Syncbak?
Does anyone called Fox10 about theCoolTV yet?
http://www.thecooltv.com/ChannelGuide.php Call Fox 10 that you want this channel.
Since they're announcing that TheCoolTV's returning, can anyone call WFGX MyTV 35 and tell them that they have plans of bring TheCoolTV back? I'm counting on you and we are too.
During from News to Jeopardy. But I wonder what APT carries V-me on its new subchannel. It'll be B'ham second Spanish subchannel if they decide to add it
Did anyone saw this on Fox10????? Fox10 just air a Papa John's commercial... in Spanish only... Does that mean in the future the Hispanic population in Pensacola will start their local TV business for Univision? Just hoping because have 3 subchannels here.
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