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Just watched this today - and I really liked it. Of course I love movies that don't take themselves seriously. I was REALLY disappointed to find out the rental version didn't have the DTS track since I had heard such good things about the soundtrack. I also was wondering if maybe try had downgraded the picture quality for the rental disc too - so I'm kind of glad to read that it was supposed to be that bad.
I haven't watched it yet - but I got it for $49 as well... go over to bluray.com and set up a price tracker to alert you when it drops to below $50, that is what I did
The app no longer works since the forum has been updated. I just found this out myself today after patiently waiting for it to suddenly start working again.See here: http://www.avsforum.com/f/276/platform-launch-help-and-discussion
Been gone for a while - because the update to the forum caused the app to no longer work... but now that I remembered to log in on a real computer - I can give you guys the update that I haven't updated the room at all Summer time has pretty much sucked up all of the time I would be using to do the bar rebuild - but hopefully soon I will get a chance to do it!
RF adapter is about $30 on eBay (refurbished) for the 1100.
See above in blue.
Thanks!It's coming along... I appreciate the compliments
Thank you!
I assumed it would be that simple - but I don't like to just assume Anyone know what the power handling capacity of the driver in the A2-300 is?
No one replied to the question before - but if the amp goes, how hard would it be to convert the sub to use an external amp? I've seen external amps going for about the same as or cheaper than the replacement amps are going for.
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