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Hello, I am in the Claysburg area.The QAM channels are to be provided as a lifeline for broadband subscribers. All must carry and their subchannels are to be unencrypted. If the company does go all digital they must apply for a waiver from the FCC and offer the must carry channels in analog. This came from a worker with the company.
My neighbor could no longer afford cable so I gave her my spare indoor amplified antenna I paid $8.00 for at big lots to use and she picks up the four nets plus WKBS, MeTV & THIS. She is a widow and was very happy to have free TV. She went several months without any TV because she thought OTA was long gone. Great feeling to help someone out.
The only reason I stick with their internet right now is being able to watch the QAM channels. If they encrypt them I am switching to centurylink, and will subscribe to Dish networks welcome pack. It will be cheaper than what I am paying for now, and most folks I know switched to centurylink with no problems. I like ABB but 62.95 a month for internet is more than double centurylinks current deal price.
The stations you should receive are (WJAC 6.1, MeTV 6.2, WWCP 8.1, WATM 8.2, WTAJ 10.1, WWCP 19.1) Looking at your TV fool report you will not get WQED or other Pittsburgh stations. If you really want PBS you will need a FTA dish installed.
I don't live in Johnstown and cant pull in the CW OTA, but I do get WHVL and America One on channel 27 from State College. I cant pull in WPSU either so I use a FTA dish for the PBS stuff. Hopefully one day WPSU will slap up a repeater in Altoona.On another topic can WATM slap another channel on their feed? I am surprised they haven't gone after antenna TV. I was able to watch it on my FTA dish one evening and enjoyed the shows.
I hooked up my TV while the installer was in the house no problem. I only want it for WPCW that I cant pick up with my antenna.
Yeah they charge with taxes $22.00 a month for the locals with a few shopping and religious channels thrown in, and they wonder why people are cutting the cord. Dish Network has a family package for $25.00 a month with many good channels.
CBS made that decision which was the right choice, however since this DMA has no CW station cable and satellite should not be allowed to use WPCW in this DMA. Its not fair to our local stations. The digital conversion was the best thing to happen for most viewers unless you live in this area. Since the conversion many people now have 20 or more channels and were able to cut the cord. WPSU planned to install boosters in Johnstown and Altoona, but scrapped them. Thank...
First off satellite and cable in this DMA should have been stopped from airing WPCW, and then maybe CBS would have invested in the area. WPSU is another station not serving its DMA because many cannot watch their station, but they continue to hold out their hands for cash. With no Altoona/Johnstown boosters 1/2 the DMA cant watch their channels OTA.
Nexstar who owns WTAJ is trying to sell their stations. If they sell it let us hope the new owner likes subchannels. AntennaTV would be nice. http://www.broadcastingcable.com/art...hp?rssid=20065
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