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Have you connected it via hdmi? It doesn't matter. Decoding to LPCM is pretty much lossless.
SACD, yes. SACD MC, not that I know of. It could be quadraphonic rather than 5.1. Do not listen to your center, but to the surround speakers. Not all tracks may have output on the rears.
Watts are absolutely useless.
Is it from Sanctuary Records? I'm pretty sure that that one got mislabeled somehow. It is in fact NOT DVD-A, even though it's advertised as such. It's regular DVD Video with regular DTS 5.1 and stereo LPCM. It's a DVD remaster/upmix from the 1974 Quadraphonic LP version. There is a high resolution LPCM version floating around, but it's bootleg, so never released.
Good god, can't you make a proper compressed image?But yes, that should allow you to setup a 7.1 speakerset.
I assume you have normal warranty? I wouldn't be too concerned.
I would stick with 5.1 for various reasons: - The layout is wrong. Rear speakers are really supposed to be rear speakers. Not semi-side speakers. I would just get rid of the rears and place the surround speakers in one line with the couch, against the wall. Unless you like speakers literally blowing in your ear when sitting on the couch. This is fairly close to optimal imho: Indeed, if you could turn the layout 90 degrees it could make sense again, layout wise. -...
It's not a bug. With the speakers set to large the sub isn't supposed to do the low on the mains. If you want your sub to kick in set them to small.
Well, the extent of the 'problem' also depends on the sensitivity of your speakers. The higher the sensitivity, the less of a problem this lower impedance is going to be. But the rule of thumb is: just don't play at high volumes, especially not for longer periods of time. Also, the amp has circuitry that will prevent it from overloading and thus setting firing to anything even if you should cross the threshold. It definitely won't be good for your amp though if the...
Looking for a new pair of fronts for a friend of mine. After listening to my C 603 he also wants to upgrade and really likes the sound that comes from my Jamo's. There is a small dilemma however. Anyone know if there's a big difference between the Studio 604 and Concert 603? Spec wise they're pretty similar in terms of physical size and sensitivity. The 603 has 5Hz 'more' frequency range in the low end, even though the 604 has a bigger woofer. The price difference (€400...
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