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It's an open platform, if there is enough interest in a feature, it will be created. Try bitstreaming via xbmc to your receiver. Should work.
I love that now the gullible audiophile defence argument has turned to "In the end, don't rely on others opinions. Take it home and test it, if it sounds better to you, it's worth it!". It's the amazing catch all. Just like the religious always have faith to turn to when something is illogical in their belief system. The neat thing about published, peer reviewed measurements through scientific method is that it allows us to make an informed decision without having to waste...
Thanks for the above post. The Amazon reseller has responded after a delay and offered up a replacement unit. So I will retract my opinion of the reseller.
Word of caution for those considering a IR emitter. I received a defective unit and then was stonewalled from support seeking troubleshooting or a working replacement. The Amazon reseller also is acting shady, I may need to file a dispute with Amazon. Same issue as mentioned above with other user. Anyone know of another IR emitter compatible with the HD33 ?
Ok so I purchased a Dimesnion optics IR emitter, plugged it in and pointed it at the screen. I can see the red led on the front of it on solid, plus the 4 IR diodes flashing quickly... I cant get the PS3 3D IR glasses to sync with it however. They're charged and blinking red once per second, however I'm not getting a 3D image. Any tips ? Im hoping I don't have a faulty emiter, but it seems to be flickering correctly. Any ideas ? Currently the IR emitter is sitting on...
I had a similar issue when viewing SBS content, the optoma hd33 has a bug where it can't display sbs content properly when in 24p mode. If you switch your display to 60p mode, it works fine. Im not sure if this is the same issue you're having, but it's worth a shot.
Hi, I just purchased the same combo. Did you ever get this to work ? I am waiting for it to be delivered still so I haven't tried it yet
Speaking of Volbeat, on their previous album they have a song featuring vocals from Barney of Napalm Death, who has one of the best growls of any singer ever. The rest of the album is filler, but this song isn't bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeuhzyJ8efc
This is both Interesting and Hilarious. Phil off of hard drugs is a good thing.
This is my favourite Kataklysm song. That instrumental at the end of prevail. The louder the better.
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