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does image retention stay even when TV is turned off? Because the "lighter" area is there when its turned off which leads me to think its a physical deformity of the panel not pixels being stubborn.
does anyone get flashing green pixels in certain areas when doing the scrolling bar? Ive done the white slide and its not there but the scrolling excites them as the white bar passes through. doesnt happen all the time, just on certain passes.
OLED is worse than plasma for image retention. so no the problem isnt going away.
That might be never or a really long time. i expected OLED to be affordable in 2010 and turned out not.
its ut50 panasonic, from 2012. Been with me for almost a year. I think the outline of a square at the bottom center came from a news channel i had on during news event a months ago that had big graphics. Thats my guess. contrast i use is low like 75.
why is pixel flipper better? also does the scrolling bar have a time limit? i tried the scrolling bar for 40 min and didnt completely take care of it. The IR is from long ago it might seem.edit: i just checked and only North american version has time limit, this explains why mine doesnt. Ive been thinking just to see if regular movie can do the trick, would a cartoon be better though?
ive checked closely ive not found IR near there, but maybe in the center there is a vertical streak or a faint gap near the bottom thats lighter color than its surrounding, not sure where would that could come from. its hard to see, but could be IR. Its similar to 4:3 type image burn but it doesnt divide the whole screen, its just an inch or two of a straight faint line at the center or center right, with another one opposite it but even more faint and can hardly see....
for a slight image retention, should one use D-nice slides or scrolling bar? or is it just strictly for prep?
I have something like a lighter area at bottom center that doesnt resemble any logo or graphic, its very hard to see except for a vertical dark line on one of its sides that gives off this uneven contrast. Ghosting or image retention? its simliar to what people get from viewing 4:3 content, but for me its not at the sides but at the center and it doesnt go all the way just a couple of inches of straight line. I ran the scrolling bar but all i get is some flickering purple...
I will try that, but i was hoping a dry microfiber cloth is all that is needed, they should make those things like stainless steal next time. some material thats not sticky.I got an unrelated question, do people use Overscan in settings? the broadcast channels have black border on their sides, i dont mind them from a visual perspective but do they harm the plasma due to image retention/burn-in? I also noticied sometyhing, that changing this setting for SD channels does not...
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