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well all of a sudden it stopped doing that without changing anything. its odd. Can people use their blu-ray remote to control the tv's channels using number buttons? And i cant get the panasonic remote to be able to pause and play the blu-ray.
does raspberry have its own wifi? also one thing concerning s5100, on power up it always ejects by itself, how do i stop that? it didnt used to do that, im thinking maybe its something to do with the remote after having it code to panasonic tv. ive only done that for the blu-ray remote, but while it can close the TV and volume, it cant change channels. it only happens when i start the player by switching channels from TV to HDMI2.
how do you guys clean the stand, dust sticks to it like magnet.
can i use xbmc or serviio to stream Live streams from the web from computer to blu-ray? edit: i mean through UPnP ?
anyone have a link to recommended settings? i could only find this : http://www.avsforum.com/t/1396469/official-sony-bdp-s590-and-bdp-390-thread but its about other devices. stuff like downmixing and screen format options as well as color standards are confusing. also yes about that long list, its useless. my panasonic tv has a much simpler system that i like. and comparing the audio between the panasonic tv's media player and sony blu-ray, i notice sony is much more...
Im dead set on wireless though, do you mean that if i go the "wdtv" route with wireless it wont be as big as of a deal? Im open to suggestions, i just thought to try with a PC first before buying anything. right now i dont know how to "send" whatever stream to TV, there is no connection made.
thanks i will try what you said, but it seems kinda complicated. The problem that i found right away after installing xbmc is that it has no server, so it makes streaming to tv unlikely unless its connected with hdmi or something. I dont want to record anything though, just mainly stream content from xbmc plugins and such. i care less for videos already on my harddrive, mainly interested in live tv or video thats avaliable for free thats not on youtube (which is where...
Can i use something like XMBC to stream content like live tv specifically through a wireless network? This would be something temporary until i get a media player/htpc of some sort that does this. I already can do this through windows, but not live content, just media library files.
I know the default gamma for madvr seems to be 2.2, but should it be? my tv is 2.4 and i think it looks best that way. yet for desktop madvr's 2.4 looks too dark. I find that maybe 2.3 or 2.25 is more of an improvement. My monitor is not really calibrated but i read that video players dont follow icc files anyway. also i saw this "quality" chart at doom9: http://i.imgur.com/kq02WmV.png
im curious why you have it at 75 for gaming?
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