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the problem that i have now is simply that madvr and reclock notification icons dont automatically close or exit when the MPC closes. and then that prevents me from opening another video. maybe i need to reinstall.
how do i know if my contrast isnt high enough?
so is reclock not recommended? i do encounter lots of problems with it, sometimes i have to go to task manager to close the player because of it. I personally prefer this method over codec pack but again people from outside AVS would probably like something more simple. whichever makes updating easier is probably what wins.
if you use spl meter how loud is your music playing generally? most of the time for me its between 70-80db i once tried it at 87db but i feared the neighbors.
im not a big fan of codec packs, they change with every version too. what is vsfilter? do you suggest we switch to MPC-BE? Also if i want to compare reclock with default, what audio renderer is best?
speakers are usher s520 and reciever is entry model yamaha forgot its model. But i also ask for active speakers i have for PC and they are naturally loud with their own dac but even louder when relying on sound card for some reason which sucks because its impossible to play at moderate volumes that way. anyway for the yamaha the room is surrounded by glass balcony windows.
Had a movie with dialogue at 60s db and action scenes peaking to 82db with reciever at -12db mainly because the dialogue was just too low. the dynamic range was too high i guess, but it probably has to do with playing surround on just 2 .0 speakers. what you guys think?
the speakers i use have their own dac, but i dont use it instead use the sound card because reviews state the dac to be inadequate. is 50% a significant attenuation? its a little hard to determine. will maxing it be damaging to the speakers or is it just a issue with distortion?my goal isnt pit perfect though, but i know if i max it i wont have much room for volume control with the speakers. it will be too loud.heres the specs of the card:utput Signal-to-Noise Ratio...
im no audiophile so i always find such topics to be hilarious. ive tried tone controls, specifically bass but it covers up the midrange so i stopped using it. I dont know if i should mess with the EQ that was auto done by receiver.
well lets take PC for now, it uses a sound card. There are two differing views on this one is that you must feed the speakers the full sound by making everything software 100% and only have the speakers be controllable. The other view is that everything should be around 50%. here is a screenpic of sound card control: http://i.imgur.com/5W3anhO.jpg?1 i think that the goal is to have it just below 0db on the graph so no digital amplification takes place. i could be wrong...
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