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For most media players like WMP or WMC, what should the volume be at? And for DAC or sound card? They all have their own volume nods.
Its hard to know what loudness is since its subjective, some days i find some source loud and other days same source not loud enough. for the AVR, i tend to stay in the negative db volume but i know its not linear so not sure if it means anything. I think the average person doesnt care about the consequences of loud music so there should be more awareness but i dont think they would care eitherway since people like to party with loud music and concerts regardless. Air...
mine buzzes too, but im so amazed how people get their contrasts in the 80s, i have it at 74 and even then im worried it might be too much. my model is american though, which makes it difficult finding the right settings without doing rough calibration.
by rolling off you mean they begin to sound at 60hz? thanks for the link but looking at these charts I can see why i will never understand this audio stuff. is starting at 50 at all dangerous and how does one overdrive such speakers, whats the volume limit to them?
i tried that it doesnt work, does it only work for american models?
thats panasonics responsiblty i hope they have it move around the screen no point in keeping it static. how do i know if it left no IR?
i dont have a batman begins blu ray with me so cant help you there, but i just want to know if the channel update screen is bad for the tv if left for too long? i update it and forget to exit and one time it had a dialogue box telling me to update that was left all day since i didnt notice. the screen usually dims though.
are there good subs below 300$? i dont want to spend on something that i will end up selling in a couple of years since i move alot. the speakers themselves are kinda cheap, but people praise them yet all i get is very subdued sound. but for my previous question would it be better for my setup to have reciever downmix the 5.1 to 2.0? or just leave it STRAIGHT (direct no processing?) this part confuses me as well as other settings but i let YAOP or whatever it is optimize...
how does one know if this is burn in? when sunlight is pointed at the screen i notice like a brushed metal like sheet behind the glass, you know what i mean?
the black finish if exposed to sun, will it totally ruin it?
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