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That actually just started happening to me, yesterday I could still see the running time without pausing
When ever I watch something on netflix, I press the display button on my ps3 to check the video quality once it's finished starting up, but lately I've noticed it goes low-medium-high/SD then low-medium-high/HD and once it reaches high/HD it bumps back down to high/SD. The quality seems to stay HD (So it's apparently just the wrong info on the infobox) but I never know on what level of HD it is. Anyone else noticed this?
Damn, I guess I¿ll have to, I figured I'd ask here first since it seemed like the player was the problem
I need help with streaming. Up until a few days ago, I had been using twonky perfectly to watch videos, but as of a couple days ago when ever I tried to open it an error message popped up (No playable file) I couldn't find a solution so I tried a different server. Serviio, which has the exact same problem. I can use Windos Media, but the quality is horrible, and half the files won't play because of the extension. Any solutions?
That happened to me once, a while a go, but with a DVD
You know how you can label inputs? One of the options there is Slip, just change it back and it'll be visible
I ran into a bit of a problem the other day and i was wondering is anyone knew a fix for this. I took the player to a friends house because he has an HDTV but no Blu ray, but when I connected over HDMI there was no image or sound (TV was a 42" Samsung, but that's all I know) in the end we tried a lot of things and nothing worked so we just switched to a smaller screen, which happened to be a cheaper model than mine (mine is Sony 32Ex400)
I've been using my player as a streaming device because my Xbox is unavailable right now, but some of the files aren't showing up for some reason, anyone know how to fix this? I don't think it's because of file extension. MKVs show up despite them not being playable
Yeah it does, that's why some call it "Mexican soap opera mode" luckily my TV doesn't have it. But for the 24p thing, I have it enabled and it's been working fine, so I guess I'll just leave it like that. Actually my boss' TV/Bluray screw up regular DVDs when it's on, it looks like it's just eliminating frames to reach 24p
Yeah I'm a bit of a noob at this, and I don't understand this concept completely yet, I know it's supposed to be good, but I'm confused because some TV's have the TruMotion thing which is supposed to be bad, but as I understand it, it's the same thing except even more frames. So basically my Blu Ray player supports 24p, should I turn it on?
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