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...If you were going to get me into a "high end" system in the $10,000-$20,000 range, price not including speakers, put together a system for me. I listen to lots of music, especially acoustic (mostly bluegrass, jazz and some classical music). It would be nice to have a good surround system for both music and video since we have a small house and not enough room for separate systems. OK, go to it. Tom
Was just wondering how SVS speakers and systems stack up against others in their price range? Thanks. Tom
One other thing...these speakers are relatively efficient. I have wayyyy more clean power than I could ever use in my house. And that's with a Yamaha RX-667 receiver. These, without a doubt, have to be one of the best online values in speakers and their service is exemplary. Great company. Tom
Thanks Avliner. I just couldn't be happier with my SVS speaker systems. IMHO, they're an immense value. I simply wanted to spread the news and I have no connection whatsoever with SVS outside of being a tremendously satisfied customer. I know there are other people that are just as excited about their systems, but I want people to know SVS offers very competitively priced products that will compete with speakers systems costing thousands more. Tom
Just sitting here in my 24' X 16' living room listening to the SVS 7.1 system I purchased last October. Simply incredible sound. So accurate and transparent, yet so compatible with tweaking. Not too much of "anything" and just the right amount of "everything". And that's about the only words I can come up with to describe the system. No artificial highs or lows. Acoustic instruments on this system just drip with sweetness including all the harmonics and overtones that...
Yep. Actually about any SVS speaker. Tom
...Like myself he's a long time pro and semi pro musician. He just sat there and had me play CDs and DVDs over and over and over while he raved about the pure-ness and accuracy of the speakers (SBS-02s) and SVS sub. He was also highly impressed by the clean, deep, low end. And I didn't have a chance to demo my upstairs SVS 7.1 system with the STS-02 tower mains and SSS-02 bipole side surrounds. I'm extremely pleased with both systems, especially considering the...
M series...very cool!! I would like to hear some of their M series speakers. I can tell you thier S series speakers sound killer. Congrats. Let us know what you think of your MTS speakers and your system. Tom
Check these out. Also check out the Amazon reviews on them. I did a lot of research to narrow my choices. http://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica...0969625&sr=1-2 http://www.amazon.com/ART-HeadAmp4-C...0970083&sr=1-2 The AT headphones are highly rated just about everywhere on the net. I ordered both of the above and couldn't be happier with my purchase. Tom
...I thought it would be good to have a more all-inclusive SVS owners thread that would include owners of any SVS product. OK, with that out of the way, I have both SVS 5.1 and 7.1 systems and can't get over how great they sound, especially considering their price range. My 5.1 system (downstairs) uses the SBS-02 for mains and surrounds, SCS-02 mid channel, and PB12NSD sub. The 7.1 system (upstairs) uses STS-02 slim towers for mains, SCS-02 mid, SSS-02 Bipoles for side...
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