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Here a post of mine about DLNA - http://www.avsforum.com/t/1341271/official-onkyo-tx-nr809-thread/5220#post_23269609
My LFE goes to the IB sub amp, have Onkyo crossovers at 80hz. My mains really don't do much of the bass work, that's all on the IB's. Of course using LFE out is not pushing the Onkyo at all, just being a line level output. So Thats why i mentioned 7 channels, not 7.1. I use the the Audyssey PLII Music setting, like it the best.The hdmi board has all the chips that handle both the audio and video processing. The heat sinks I used were ones I had bought years ago for pc...
If I hammer it with some bass heavy dubstep for 30+ min, they always come on and their not loud. This is with my two 120mm fans on top running quitely and the temp reading on my oRemote iPhone app shows 150 - 160F. Normally when pounding it, I turn the case fans on max, still can't hear them over the music and it keeps the temps around 115 -120.You guys are just not working it. Movies generally won't punish it enough, too many volume variations. Try some constant bass...
In setup - hardware find Network Control and Enable.This setting enables or disables control over the network.Note• When set to “Enable”, the NET indicator is dimly-lit and thepower consumption slightly increases in standby mode.
Took me less than 30 sec to make a playlist. You have to make the list first using the devices (mine is an iPhone) native music player app. Then the Roku app should show the playlist you just made. Done.
Haa! Gave me a chuckle...Got the Roku 2 XS right at launch, and a Roku 3 a month ago. They've been nothing but a wonderful experience. Peak or non-peak time... Not that it ever mattered.
Just try it and see how it sounds and again, is Audyssey even on?I Think it's just not setup correctly. What's your speaker setup? How did you do your calibration? When playing a movie, what does the display say?I have mine dialed in pretty darn well and it sounds amazing.
Not that I'm aware of, here's a link to the USA site - http://www.onkyousa.com/Downloads/firmware.php
Are you sure Audyssey is on and Dynamic EQ? I had a moment when testing a new source, I thought it sound like crap, very low bass and harsh sounding, discovered Dynamic EQ was off, turned it on and wow! Thats more like it.
We're just watching Game of Thrones on the Roku 3 with HBO GO, looks and sounds great! Really can't tolerate this noise issue, very annoying.
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