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No, REW is great if you have it!
Sorry for the delay in responding. We can actually do all of the analysis, design and even calibration work remotely. You can either use a computer with Room EQ Wizard installed and send us measurements, or you can buy a package like XTZ Room Analyzer, or we can send you a loaner kit which you use to take all the measurements and then send back to us. This week we have a loaner kit out at a high end audio client in Florida and we did a subwoofer integration remotely for...
We did not use the auto room EQ, we used an outboard EQ. I probably should have done a factory reset (if such a thing is possible) before I started calibrating the unit! Lesson learned for next time.
Harman obviously are thinking about things differently. I think the need for a new pre-pro came from the Synthesis side, and since all the magic happens in the separate DSP box I guess they did the math and worked out it wasn't worth the money to develop a new pre-pro as they wouldn't sell enough units to make it worthwhile. The MC12 is a PITA to set up due to the vast number of settings. I'm sure even their dealers screwed up a lot of installs. I did a calibration on one...
And see my showroom (blatant plug: http://www.acousticfrontiers.com/demo-room/)
They are amplitude gratings rather than phase gratings. Phase grating performance is based on diffuser depth. Amplitude gratings don't really have a lower limit, since as you go lower in frequency the wavelength gets bigger and hence includes more of the pattern. They do have a top limit, much like phase gratings, which is based on slat width. On a phase grating the top limit would be the well width. Some diffusers like the RPG Diffractals have nested diffusers inside the...
Yes all outlets are surge protected with the series mode surge suppression. Two outlets are connected via the UPS. IMO you should only plug computers or projectors into the UPS outlets, all the rest of your gear should be plugged into the other outlets.
Looks like you have everything except the Vicoustic. Those ones back right are the Acoustics First QuadraPyramids.
I still don't understand why you had so many issues, as I built a machine based on CAPS3.0 and it works great. I used Intel motherboards. I would be happy to provide the MADVR settings I used and found to be stable. I'm outputting source direct from my machine, so no deinterlacing or upscaling, that's all handled by the Lumagen, not that I watch any TV or DVDs on it anyway.
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