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I think the Definitive are a bit nicer. Had a friend with that Paradigm setup, and I didn't think it was where it should be for the price point....but that's just my ears (and wallet) talking.
I'm a long time Paradigm owner...and tend to love my old ones. If I were buying right now, however, I'd go with the B&W.
wow. THAT was a long sentence or twelve.
I have been a Paradigm owner for years and recently went out and bought a single Paradigm Stylus 470-SM for outdoor use. I am no noob to audio, speakers, or the like (ran a recording studio for years)...but am having a hell of a problem so I thought I would throw it out to the community to see what I am doing wrong. First, the signal chain: Computer Optical Out --> Denon receiver --> Main Stereo Out --> Paradigm 470-SM. When I first put some audio through the...
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