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I agree with AJC. If you can get your hands on one buy the Panasonic ST60.
Is anyone having a problem with the 310 turning on by itself? I have two and swapped out the one in our den because of this happening. All was fine until the recent update and now this one is starting to turn on by itself too. I may not have noticed and it wouldn't be so irritating if the avr didn't automatically switch over.
This response wasn't meant for me, was it?
Hi! I recently picked up the Newegg deal on the Studio 130 with the free 120C and I like them a lot. However, they also have the 180s for $99 each (w. delivery @ $5) which lead me to thinking of moving the 130 to the back. Well, one thing let to another and I've run into the ES80 at $144 each delivered. Is the ES80 a better speaker? Would I need to also buy another center if I chose the ES80? I guess I'd like to know what you'd do? Thanks in advance. Sheila
I use Roku and Plex (free).
Thanks, that's what I suspected- the app was written for iOS. I wonder who developed the app. The message at sign in seems to indicate that this is all on Charter.
Has anyone been able to activate Showtime Anytime? I've been trying to activate it on my Roku since last week when they sent out the announcement.
I suggest going with the Denon AVR-1713, which is available at Amazon's warehouse for a little more, or the AVR-X1000 for even less than the 1713. This room would benefit more from the Audyssey MultEQ XT which both the 1713 and X1000 has but the E300 and 1613 do not. PS- If you can afford spending more get the X1000 new for the 3 year warranty and check out the thread in the Receivers forum (highly detailed).
That's exactly when I found out, by automated phone message. The letter came shortly after this month's statement was posted, which included the message as well.
Amazing, isn't it?
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