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That is the question that I think should be given much thought before purchasing a sound bar. I watched video reviews on Cnet before I purchased the CT150- I like to see everything. It's been a while since I made that decision and so I can't recall if there were any others, within my price range, that offered so many connections and so much control over the sound.
I know what you mean and that is why I chose the ST60 instead. If I had better light control, I would have bought the ZT60.My G25 is still going strong and now resides in the master bedroom.
It is a great tv, but I think you're going to love the VT just as much once you get her settings to your liking.
Once you get your new Directv HD boxes it will get better, you'll then have the option of choosing resolutions and need fewer HD channels. Once you set the Oppo to send only 1080 signal the tv won't do anything, it will just accept it since there's nothing to do. My first DVD on a big screen HDTV was Godzilla- I wanted to cry. Older DVDs, with their low resolution, look really bad no matter what.
Maybe because soundbars are only 2.1 at best?
Your memory is correct, there was once a setting that stretched the image to fit.Most of those ads are old and they don't want to pay to convert them or produce a newer one. I hate them. If only they knew that their ads produce negative reactions -eh?
Personal preference and numbers don't necessarily agree. I preferred the GT50 over the VT50- the VT was dimmer. I don't think there's anything wrong with Yeti's tv. Out of the box, the VT60 doesn't look as good as his G25 and the reasons he state are most likely correct- it needs adjustment/calibration. None of these tvs are at their best out of the box, but that doesn't mean that some people aren't satisfied with them that way either.
Have spent some time with a VT60?
Do you have a G25 too?
Denon AVR-1713 @ $350 Pioneer Andrew Jones FS52 @ $108 ea Pioneer Andrew Jones CS-C22 @ $97 Total $663 on Amazon Still room to get the Denon AVR X-100 and a subwoofer Heck the Take Classic 5.1 is only $400 Run the wires above the baseboard and buy those paintable plastic channels to cover them up.
New Posts  All Forums: