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Looking to get my buddy a receiver, entry level would be fine. I bought myself the Harmon kardon 1700 for 199.99 but it's never that price now. Anyone know of a decent one in that range?
Bought this TV about 4 months ago for 1700 dollars on sale, it has an incredible picture. Im looking to go a little bigger and as much as I wish I could afford to keep it and put it in my bedroom I can't. This TV is in like new condition not a single scuff. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions thanks.
Just curious do most of you if your gamers that is play games on the same setting you watch movies on?
I just picked up 46" hx850 yesterday I found a store that had 2 left!! this TV is incredible, ill be playing with the settings for weeks if not longer now lol. My question is what 3D glasses are most of you using? The PS3 ones? can someone post a link thanks.
Im trying to decide between getting the HX850 now or waiting until the W900A, I thought I was going to have to wait as I couldnt find any of the HX850's in stock but I forgot about a local home furnishing outlet and according to there website they have them in stock for in store pickup. It's the 46" size which is what I want and I know that they haven't even confirmed yet if the w900a will come in that size. The price is also really good its 1599.00 and im not sure what...
I also hesitated and missed out :S but im excited for the w900a and plan to pick one up as well. I really hope they offer multiple sizes though. I was reading on a UK site and it claimed that its going to be available in 55" 46" and 40" not sure if thats true but would be nice to have multiple options.
I would get the sony, I was planning on getting a plasma myself but the risk for IR is to great as I mostly game. Im probably going to have to wait for the w900a as the hx850 is pretty much out of stock everywhere I've looked or extremely overpriced.
Hi sorry if im not posting this in the right area im not really sure where to. I bought Harman Kardon - AVR 1700 500W heres a link http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Harman+Kardon+-+AVR+1700+500W+5.1-Ch.+A/V+Home+Theater+Receiver/6087397.p;jsessionid=404E0F6ACC43C2C0E7E3D417B716162F.bbolsp-app02-17?id=1218731589959&skuId=6087397&st=harmon%20kardon%20avr%201700&cp=1&lp=1 and I bought 2 NHT SuperZero 2.0's I am going to get a sub eventually but anyway this is my first setup beyond...
Thanks shadyj I'm going with the Hsu STF1 seems to be a phenomenal value according to what I've been reading really appreciate the help.
Having a small foot print isn't all that important it was mostly not wanting to be the `menace` neighbor but hadn't really considered that I could just turn it down. Sorry this is my first set up outside of a sound bar, shadyj what makes that sub better? Its certainly in my price range. Thanks again for your help guys
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