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I have the stock US Military post firmware (YJG8919A, Region 1) -- and it outputs the multi-channel audio via HDMI.What page of the manual makes this statement about multi-channel audio via HDMI?
Thank you. I'll quit trying, and use one of my other devices that does seem to support Amazon multi-channel.I finally deciphered Amazon's web site on the 5.1 offerings. You must go to the Amazon web site, and it will tell you exactly what an individual device class might do (PC download vs streaming devices vs Kindle fire) for each title that interests you.
.... I may have fixed my own problem, based on recent ideas in discussions here: 1. I turned off "Quick Start" in the settings 2. I shut the unit down, and pulled power for 30 seconds, then restarted. 3. Unlike before, the Denon started showing multi-channel audio input when the Premium home screen started. 4. I was able to get Vudu and Netflix 5.1 sound (although you have to set audio to 5.1 and reset upon restarting in the audio menu of the specific Netflix film that I...
I cannot seem to get 5.1 audio from Netflix or Vudu or Amazon. I have the BD670 audio set to Pass Through, and the output is to a Denon 4311ci via HDMI. The Denon always reports the audio from the BD670 streaming as 2 channel stereo. Bluray disks do change the audio to multichannel. The BD670 is ethernet wired to a high speed router and a 20 Mb TimeWarner Cable connection. I have updated the firmware to the latest 413.E Suggestions? I have tried a power disconnect,...
My current, original firmware is YJG8919A, Region 1. How does that differ from YJC8919A? My YJG8919A menu language choices include English, French, Spanish, and Chinese. Where can I get a copy of the original version for YJG8919A, so I have a backup for my original? Or should I just use CP1252 and not worry about this since I can't read Chinese? ========== Edit: I found the answer in one of the other 610 threads. YJG is a US Military post model. So, I...
While examining the http://www.pioneerfaq.info/english/dv610.php site trying to help with firmware, I found the answers to my own questions.... framerate in equals framerate out. And max NTSC 720x480 in Divx.
Here, I think. I haven't done this yet myself. http://www.pioneerfaq.info/english/d...tion=Firmwares
Does anyone know what frame rates that the Divx/USB source supports on this unit. I have a 50fps 720p UK MKV file that I've tried converting to Divx6 AVI. Most won't play, but a 29.97 fps 480x640 Divx would. I'd like to up the resolution, but I'm not sure how high and what fps I could do. Part 2: Using HDMI, how might I upconvert this? Does PAL vs NTSC matter via HDMI?
I've done some searching in this thread, and can't seem to find a discussion on this video conversion topic. I bought a copy of Sherlock Holmes from Amazon UK, although I was duly warned it was 50i not 60i (or 50 frames/sec interlaced). Once ignorant, now a little educated -- my Panasonic Blu-Ray won't play it without an "enhanced" hacked firmware. My Panasonic plasma won't do 50 fps. Is the Denon 4311ci video conversion able to upscale a 1080i/50 signal to...
It's easy to get. Just try to order the Chesky Ultimate Demonstration Disk -- I've tried twice through Amazon, and each time I get a Rebecca Pidgeon SACD inside. I've also tried ordering and contacting Chesky directly. The web site seems to process the order, but nothing ever happens (no charge, no disk, no response to calls).
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