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I was just razin' ya man. I feel like I got an incredible deal already.It's good to know just in case I have to upgrade to dual triaxs in the future. LOL
I'll sit by myself with some Guinness... "I drink alone... yeah with nobody else".
Not at all. I woke up at 0330 and started thinking about it.
That's one of those things that have been going around the audio world for years. It's not much different than cable break-in, or cable conditioning. Mechanically speaking, the rubber surrounds and spiders may loosen up or relax over time, but the rest of the speaker and drivers remain inert and unchanged with use. Speakers may often sound bright or tinny out of the box until the rubber surrounds and spiders loosen up. Most of the perceived effect is the listeners ears...
Oh man, I didn't know you offered a military discount brother. I just ordered two XV15s last Thursday.
The smell of the potheads that haven't showered in three days or the smell of the cannabis? I rather like the smell of the latter of the two..Zeppelin... Awesome.
Very good point. RTiA9s have a lower -3dB of 30 Hz. The Onkyo's lowest crossover setting is 55 Hz. I wish I could set them at a lower level, but since I can't, I run them at full range. It provides a fuller, smoother sound than crossing them at a higher level. I'll play with it again when I have me capable subs.
I'm gonna send a virus to your computer you ol' fart. Leave me alone man.Right now I'm in the listening to my current setup mode so that when the new subs come in, I have a point of reference. Having been gone for two weeks left me wanting to play with my system again.
That is pretty impressive down to 8 Hz. Those 15s hit pretty hard and low. Kinda like dirty boxing huh.
The worst thing that will happen will be tripping the surge protectors breaker. At 500 - 1000 watts, you should be okay. My amps, AVR, and subs are all on surge suppressors and have never tripped the breakers. The Triax, on the other hand, draws enough current to trip a 15a home circuit breaker at peak demand.
New Posts  All Forums: