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^^ and if I were buying it to be the president's limo, I would need it to be in black.
^^^ Didn't somebody hit that in March '09?
So on Thursday I finally put the research to bed and bought the BDP-83, with 3 year warranty. Apart from the (cool?) factor of probably getting the very last one before the upgraders start dumping them on Audiogon, I'm taking advice on how I should feel. I'm in line for the Denon 4311, which already streams Netflix, etc. Any reason why I would want the Oppo to have done it instead? Also, pardon the noobicity, but what's the benefit of 7.1 analog audio out vs HDMI to a...
Also, google Furman/Panamax MIW-XT for in wall TV to Power Conditioner connection. The reason you don't want the TV's power cord (or an extension cord) in the wall has to do with the way that the insulation material burns should it ever overheat and catch fire.
New Posts  All Forums: