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Awesome. Thanks for the detailed info.
After plugging in DNice's settings I noticed red sparkles when I get up close in all black areas in a dark room. I fixed this by dropping W/B Red Low from 3 to 1. However, if I bump brightness up to +3 I see the sparkles come back. Any thoughts?
Are some TV's more prone to it than others? It's not a huge issue as I only notice it every now and then. The picture quality is otherwise fantastic. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a more severe problem.
I am noticing a strange issue with my TV I haven't seen addressed before. I currently have ~140 hours on the TV. The other day while watching a WEB-DL version of Sons of Anarchy via my Raspberry Pi running OpenELEC. There was a scene where one of the characters were standing in front of window blinds and I noticed what looked like lines running horizontal across this persons face. It looked almost like image retention but followed the same pattern as the blinds. At first I...
Anyone know how to disable the Swipe and Share feature on the tv? Trying to turn off all these "smart" features and can't seem to find the option other than turning off the wifi.
I also use Aeon Nox. Great skin btw. I'll play with slideshow and 0% dim once I have it and see how it goes.
Thanks guys. And yes, best screen saver is the off button, but sometimes you get distracted and have to walk away for a little bit. I "cut the cable" so not too worried about static logos, but I do understand the idea of switching up movies with black bars between full screen content. Really looking forward to the new tv.
Hey guys! Just ordered a Panasonic 60ST60 and have a question about XBMC screensaver options for you other plasma tv owners. IR can be an issue with plasmas so what screensaver do you all use? I want to try to reduce the possibility of IR as much as possible and I would assume the default 20% dim, if left on for extended periods, will eventually cause IR. Other than "black screen" what is everyone here using as an alternative?
That's good to hear. I like the idea of dual opposed, but I just ran it by my wife and got shutdown quick. She does not want to see any kind of speaker grill or anything for the sub like my last setup. Looks like I will be doing 2 sealed with false doors/drawers in front. I really appreciate your input on this. Helped me make a final decision that I (and my wife) can be happy with. I will probably start a build thread once I get everything together.
As great as that would be I am trying to use what I have. With your setup I would be looking at 760 for the amps and another 960 for the subs, 1720 total. Using the Daytons I would be looking at 519 plus the cost of an amp change if needed. Would one Crown XLS 1000 be enough for 4 RSS390HF's? Or would I be better off selling it and upgrading to the XLS 2000 or something else?
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