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That's what it looks like with both boards. The seller of the replacement board said it sounds like the COF chip on the logic board, but his grammar was so bad I couldn't understand what to look for and where he wanted me to look... He also wrote his last email in all caps, so I wonder if I came across as a n00b and made him angry. I'm IT certified for computers, not LCD TVs, lol @chevy: Warranty is void since it's been open. That and since I have it since...
lol, pretty sure it's void now that i've opened it up and messed around with the insides :P And I think it was out of warranty anyway
Hi! I was sent here by tk_saturn at GBAtemp.net, he suggested you guys would be able to help me... I have a Sony KDL-40EX500 that somebody gave to me because they thought it was unfixable. It had vertical lines on the left half of the screen. I thought it was the t-con because when I unplugged the ribbon cable for that side of the screen it was pure black, and when I plugged it back in the lines would return. So I spent $40 on ebay and got a new board... and the...
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