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harmony one. it controls everything (htpc, Xbox, roku, oppo, receiver, TV, sms-1, TiVo) except the ps3.
Lol. It's funny you say that. There was a guy last year selling a complete 5.1 veritas set in the northeast. He listed it on Craigslist twice. Like I told baron, be patient and keep your eyes open. The hardest part is finding them local when you have the money. At least from my experience.Since I have it connected directly to my oppo 93, I'm using a emotiva UPA-2. They are pretty efficient. I'm sure your pioneer will be more than enough.One less thing to worry about. .
You're going to find that it was more than worth it. Also once you set them up, make sure you toe them in a little. I found that it helped if you're sitting in the sweet spot. You'll also notice how much bigger and heavier they are than they appear in pictures. I guarantee they will move to the top of your favorite speakers list.
Wow!! You got it. The laminate was was removed. But i didn't touch the wood yet. That's what it looks like once you peel the laminate. I haven't refinished it yet. I'm thinking about going with something besides gloss black. Nice job.
Lol!!!!!!! You are persistent. And almost there.
I haven't used them a lot for ht. but when i did, I thought they were great. I don't understand how the speaker can be considered lacking for ht. what I did read was complaints about the 2.0 center channel not blending in with the 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4 because of the absence of a midrange driver. However, people in this thread who owned the 2.0 raved about it. What I will add is that to me the 2.2's need a good sub. The bass is clean but not powerful. The 2.2 is too good a...
Yeah that was to show the tweeters and midrange on both. I'm gonna wait 24 hours and see if anybody picks up on what I meant.
Also if you look at one of the pictures, something is "off". .
I can try. The 2 versions are similar in the clarity department. Vocals are crystal clear on both versions. Instrument separation is excellent on both, but more pronounced on the first generation. It seems like they bring some of the instruments in the back closer to the front. It's a little hard for me to describe. The midrange and bass definitely, to me, is what separates the first generation from so many other speakers out there. Then again I'm comparing full towers to...
Congrats !!!!! Your persistence paid off . Now get ready to find yourself lost for a few days listening to music .
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