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the build quality is very good. i was surprised at the sturdiness since the tv is over 100 pounds. i have to warn you that it is a dust magnet. 23" from floor to top glass shelf. you should shop around. bj's, costco, target, even bestbuy and kmart/sears i believe carry them.
wow!!!!!!! great job!!! that post will definitely help out a lot of us..
@buffalofloyd the more i look at it, it seems exactly the same as mine except for the drawer on the bottom and the size of the top glass. i just measured and i have 11" from the bottom of the tv to the first shelf. unfortunately for me the rc-10's are 13" . just make sure you set the tv mount as high as possible on the stand (that's what i did) and you should be ok. edit: this is the one i have. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/...L._AA1000_.jpg
you just caused me to do a double take. the stand in my bedroom is very similar to yours. as a matter of fact, it's also a z-line. i have a 50" panny plasma on it. i bought it about 3 years ago at bj's. i have a pair of rc-10's directly under the tv. unfortunately they stick out, since they are to tall to slip completely under the tv. basically, as long as the dimensions didnt change the rc-lcr will fit with room to spare. p.s. my stand was rated for 52" tv's max.
thanks for wording that correctly. i was thinking of true hd and completely forgot about the other audio formats.
my understanding is you can't get lossless audio with a toslink cable.
i had that exact same setup and had the same thought. when the 50's became available at a low price i jumped on those. then the 70's became available and i jumped on those. now i have 2 rc-10's hooked up to my bedroom tv and the rest of the rc's in the living room. as long as you dont over do it and keep a "flexible" mindset , you can always make things work great for yourself.
does'nt the oppo have 2 hdmi outs? i remember reading it does. and you can hook up hdmi #1 directly to the tv (or projector) and hdmi #2 to the receiver for audio (hdmi #2 outputs audio only iirc).
I'm running rc-70's, 50's, and rc-lcr with an emotiva ups-5. They sound fantastic. And a Stf-1. Great for ht and music.
i see 1 hour left for the rc-lcr @$300. i hope everybody that needed one got it.
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