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If it does come to this, you know that all of the internet providers will then charge us more for streaming, TWC tried this in NC but because there were so many customers complaints and possible ending their contract, TWC change their mind but you know if it does come to streaming only, they'll charge us more which I don't want.
Noticed last night while watching a Netflix movie which was supposed to be HD but actually displaying in SD mode thru my Smart Hub so I then watch my movie thru my Sony BlueRay player and this time it was actually in HD mode and my download speed from Netflix was an average 5 mbps so it's not my network or Netflix that is causing the issue since they are both hard wire connected to my 1 gigabyte router. Can't actually check the download speed on the TV since they don't...
For the last couple of weeks my radio has a mind of its own. Noticed the issue when I was playing music from SD card and it would stop or change song by itself and my steering wheel controls wouldn't work so I replace the SD card and issue persist so I started listening to my local stations and again it started to jump station and again lose my steering control and if I would click on the volume control of the radio, it would select another station and not adjust the...
Before buying thru Amazon especially since it's seller Paul'sTV, make sure that you check their website concerning their refund/return policy. I'm learning the hard way with one of their Seller Adorama but usually Amazon is very good towards taken care of their customers. Price looks real good.
Have you tried Adorama? They're in the city.
Sad News, Removed TV from box and noticed multiple cracks throughout the screen, some of them are from top to bottom of screen So now am waiting to hear back from Amazon. Expected this since UPS ship it here even though there were some "Warning Fragile" but from what I can see from both boxes, this must have happen prior of shipping since the boxes are not damage but who knows. This sucks!!
Just received my 46ST30 but haven't turn it on as of yet since UPS delivered it and who knows how they had this tv laying/sitting in their truck and was advise to wait 24 hours so if they did lay it flat then the gases would settle back after 24 hours so have to wait. Also noticed my Build Date is July so I presume that the board might need replacement! Also can we upload the firmware/software ourselves or do we have to get a "technician" to come out. Thanks
Well was watching a movie and noticed that I'm seeing some jidder in certain scenes but did not see this issue until I updated the software to 1024.8 Has anybody else seen this issue?
Updated my D8000 to 1024.8 and firmware is now at 11-11-01 so I guess that the posted 11-10-31 firmware is older. Will perform test later on today. Also, quick find; when you are in an application, the menu key does not work so you can't change the display setting but if you click on the "Tools" button then you can change the display setting. Wish I knew that last week since I just got this tv replace because I could not change the settings and did not like the fact...
Thanks for the info but I can not access the meny when I'm in any streaming content, it looks like it defaults to standard setting which to me it's too dim, I like it crystal bright. Might have to bring this tv back, Samsung was no help but since my tv is thru Best Buy and I have the black tie service and this one was an exchange for my other Samsung, I should be able to get a different tv.....hopefully.
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