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Thinking of getting the UN55D8000 for my brother. I would like to see what it's like to calibrate it. Anyone in the ATL would like to have a free non-pro calibrate the D8000 PM me.
Don't tell me you stepped up to the RS55?!
The Drives and Cuts are in the normal picture setting. That is for Custom, Vivid, and Standard modes. ISF modes and THX do not have the drive and cuts setting in the normal picture control settings. Make sure that you write down the SM setting prior to making any changes.
BD > DUO > display. colorspace YCbCr
I never use the DUO controls for brightness, sharpness, contrast, tint, or hue. The DUO is strictly for CMS, grayscale and gamma
I used the SM method and the DUO and there is a big difference between the two. I 1st used the DUO and went the the SM disc and found that the brightness setting was way above black.
Everyone thanks for the response and its understood that you calibrate the display as close as good as you can get without the any VP, but my question was if I am using the DUO to set contrast how is this accomplished?
Ok.... setting the brightness and contrast on the DUO... The brightness is really easy to set, basically you turn the brightness level to just above the blackest bar. How is the contrast set using the DUO's contrast/brightness pattern?
+1! Great price Chris quoted me, haven't found anything better than Cleveland!
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