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I'll second this, love that movie.
Looking forward to the start of the season coming up really soon.
Watched Titanic on Friday and I'll repeat what others have been saying. the 3D simply looks amazing on this movie. it's and absolute WOW!! from me. No real pop-out on this one but the depth is incredible.
watched this with my family last night, Kids really liked it a lot. It was a fun family film and the 3D was fantastic. the movie itself was a little cheezy and predictable but fun non the less.
I watched it this weekend with my kids, I didn't notice any audio glitches.
didn't get to watch the whole movie, but my family did preview about the first 15 minutes of it. The 3D was great. I'm looking forward to watching the whole movie with the family. My kids are excited to see it. they haven't see the movie so it'll be the first time for them.
pre-order placed, thanks for posting the info and coupons.
I use my PS3 exclusively as my 3D blu-ray player. it's the only one I have and it works great.
yep, my kids loved that part. they were trying to grab them
My Brother purchase the movie at target, it seems it was hard to find as he went to 3 different stores (sold out) before finding it at target. I haven't received mine form Amazon yet. He brought it over to watch int 3D. We watched it with our kids and they loved it. It was a great movie, the 3D was excellent and the story was great. Now if all the 3D movies would stay at the same price point $25 it would be awesome.
New Posts  All Forums: