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Are you saying 2D needs SSF folder to be watched ? For a more puristic approach, I use BDRebuilderhttp://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=143716 which is more than minimal. It now can even reduced 3D to BD-25.
If you do not need 3D, just remove or delete SSF folder; you do not need it for 2D.
Thanks for this clarification about limitation.
Hi !What should be the limit on filling 2TB HDD to get decent performance ? How many free space should be left on the HDD ? Any differences with ISO compared to FLAC, for example ?Thanks a lot.
What a great tuto Nikonf5. It could be helpful, one of these days. Thanks a lot.
Fortunately, I still have ISO capabilities but you never know: it could be useful. Thanks for the tip.
Well done ! Thanks for going further.
The someone was me ! Could you share the projet, in order to see what your Music library folders look like ? You're really more dedicated than I am, on these issues.
Wonderful app and great suggestion. Thanks for sharing it. Installed as suggested and OPPO has recognized it at once. Now I will have to better organize my folders.
^ That's where I've found instructions: Disc's User Guide. Regards.
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