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Quick question, I was about 40hrs in to the break-in procedure and decided I was going to return the tv because of the green and pink blobs (green blob in center and very pink on the right side with some on left, though not as severe), but am now considering keeping the set to avoid the hassle and possibility of getting a worse set. My question is this: I started watching letterbox movies (about 20-30hrs worth) mixed with full screen content for the remaining 100hr...
Didn't realize a factory reset would not affect these settings, my bad. Good luck man. Maybe you could spring for a pro calibration, if that would fix the issue.
Ask someone to lookup the default setting for you. You could also reset your tv back to factory default. I wouldn't stress about this in the least... This is easily remedied.
Slides are not necessary, however it is recommended that you run full screen content and avoid static images for the first 100hrs. After that, feel free to use any cal settings you want until you find something that is pleasing to your eye (c-net, d-nice, other members etc.).Btw, you should consider a bit more research prior to purchase.
Panasonic is *rumored to have a new, not reworked, filter and panel driving system, along with a sleeker, more modern, design (both bezel and stand) for 2012. 3D glasses are going to be standardized across the three major brands (Samsung, Sony & Panasonic). Personally, I like this years design a lot... something similar to Samsung's 'spider' stand is to be expected with a much thinner frame for next year. *basically from the horses mouth.
The panasonic V3 glasses are the best I've tried across any brand. They are the sh/t
What happened with the VT25 last year?
Do a little research on the fbr issue with Samsung plasma. Not saying it'll be a problem for, but good to inform yourself on the + and - of any set. The panel glass seems to be relatively fragile as well.
I think the VT actually has pretty good sound, especially for small spaces. I haven't really even felt the need to turn on my receiver.
Over on 'the other forum' (high def junkies) there is a Panasonic insider that has been releasing bits of info on the new product line. His name is avjunkie, I believe. Just poke around the plasma forum and you will find the proper thread for 2012 panasonic.
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