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Well, this happened to be the one piece of gear I that I've ever had that I couldn't find the receipt or figure out where I bought it from. And Onkyo wouldn't take it then without proof of purchase (or maybe I just read that somewhere, can't recall now). But yeah, it doesn't hurt to try again at this point. I do have plans that include another AV receiver so it would be nice if I could get it fixed. Hell, if I could just buy another board, it may be worth it.I did go...
I've been doing the bake fix for several months now, was having to do it about every 3 weeks. Tried adding flux, tried adding heatsinks, but no dice. Finally, I think I must have done something to it this time, the bake did not fix it this time. I'm going to buy a Yamaha and move on.... Good Luck to all those experiencing this issue.
Well, unfortunately, the "bake" fix did not keep it fixed for my TX-NR808. Been about a month, and started having issues again. I baked it again, and again, it is working perfectly again. Will see how long it lasts this time, but I have a feeling this will be a regular thing that has to be done to keep it working. I think I'm going to at least start looking for a replacement.
I wanted to report in that my TX-NR808 started having the issue where it was taking longer and longer for audio through HDMI to click on when first turning on in the morning. Like others have reported, the network does not function when this is happening. Finally yesterday, it never came on at all. I'm about 2.5 years since purchase and this just so happens to be one piece of equipment that I can't for the life of me figure out where I bought it from or find a...
I had the 11 blinks as well a little while back on my 54VT25. It was one of the fans not spinning. I basically just stuck a long screw in and spun it manually and it started working again. Guessing that eventually it's going to die for good and I'll have to get that fixed.
I have this box through Brighthouse. I have it setup with HDMI going through my AV Receiver. I can set it to a 4:3 aspect ratio through the display settings. However, it resets to 16:9 every time I power off the AV Receiver. Anyone know why this happens? Also, does anyone know how I could make it so that 4:3 is the default no matter what?
No, it's the whole thing of setting the TV's format back and forth. With it set to full, you can't setup any color bars for 4:3 content and with it set to 4:3 you shrink HD. Believe me, I know it's just a couple of button pushes, but.... We'll see, I'll attempt a training session
Thanks everyone for all the feedback. I think what I'll try for a week at night is to run the color slides with a 4:3 inverse slide I found here mixed in them. I'll see how it is then. I wish I could trust the wife to setup a 4:3 screen on the TV with grey bars on the side every time they watch that content, but I don't think I can. I'll just keep it stretched for now.
Thanks guys, I'm thinking then that I will run the slides at night and see if it improves.
I've had a Panny 54vt25 for about 5 months now. I broke it in for 100 hrs using the slides from this site. My kids watch mostly SD content with the black bars on the side, so we probably watch about half SD, half HD. Anyway, I have just started to notice when watching bright screens on HD, that the sides (where the black bars would be) are slightly brighter than the center (Especially noticing now watching the NCAA tournament). I figured out on the cable box that I...
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