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wow,that's a good lamp.. did you mean 4000?EPSON EX7210 is 720p
"Capable of hitting reference levels when powered by a standard AVR" Would these work with a Yamaha RX-V675?
good luck finding the LG-PA70G for $500
what model is it?
If I were you,I would look into LEDI'm just waiting on the LGPA75U to go back on sale(was $499 just last week on Newegg-Sold out now)...edit back in stock at newegg but now it's $649
picked one up..good dealwon't arrive til Dec11
amazon back up to $645 newegg sold out
Just noticed this: http://www.lg.com/us/projectors/lg-PF85U-portable-led-projector
Not walking on eggshells here, how does wanting the best price,or doing some comparativeshopping,come off as arrogant?I agree with rgtaa about this price being too high compared to LGs last LED offering as far as if issues have been addressed (we are trying to find out if EU customers have any).
I see alot of people using camera tripods for these PJs..I wonder if I could use a CCTV mount,would that be same size screw? I have a vaulted ceiling,and my current PJ is mounted from a long ceiling fan drop pole that I used to have.
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