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Thanks man. Will do. T.
I've had the AVR for about a month, not sure if it is within the return period. It was a refurb from accesories4less. I checked the speakers and they don't seem to be touching, but I'll get banana plugs. I tried the different sequence of turning it on (TV,AVR, source) and that seemed to help, but I want to know if this will be consistent. Do you think this is a bad unit? Thanks for your help! T.
Hey guys, I need help with something. I have a 1612, and it's been behaving strangely under certain conditions. The first thing is that most times when we turn it on, the receiver turns itself off after a few seconds and the red ring starts flashing quickly. If you try a couple of times, it starts working ok. It seems to be related to the passthrough mode, because if I turn on the TV and the last source I was using before turning on the receiver, before turning the...
Thanks man. I'm just trippin. I am actually enjoying the HSUs a lot, and getting over the second guessing. They seem to be sounding better, is this breking in thing real? Or am I just getting used to the sound?
Thanks guys. Maybe I should just enjoy these, but I am always second guessing myself! Anyone in the NYC area willing to let me audition the ascend acoustics???? G.
Hey Y'all, Basically, I just got my first decent set of speaker about 1 week ago, the HSU HB-1, and was blown away by what a decent speaker is supposed to sound like. And then I said to myself, what if I actually drop more coin and get a better set? So now I am wondering whether I would notice the difference between the HSUs and the Ascend CTM-340 or the Sierra-1s. Any thoughts? Is it worth returning the HSUs and buying either the 340s or the Sierra-1s? Would a neophyte...
So, it will downmix multichannel to stereo automatically? and is there a mode to make it sound like 5.1 even though it is stereo? I thought I read something about virtual mode. Thanks! T.
Hi everyone, Just ordered the 1612 refurb and it will be my first A/V receiver, so I am a complete noob. I read the manual but, honestly, I am confused by a lot of the info. So I was wondering if anybody could tell me what the best settings would be for running a 2-channel set up, as I will only have front speakers for a while. I am planning to connect a directtv received, a streaming media player (boxee box), and a LP player (analogue). Thanks in advance for any...
Maybe I should get a sub! but that is in the future, :-)
So, after some paralyzing anxiety over what bookshelf speakers to get, and also waiting for the right time to get it, I finally decided to get the HSU HB-1 speakers (after months!!). I was trying to choose between those and the RC-10s and Ascends 170. I would have loved to auditioned these all at home, but my wife couldn't justify the cost of the returns. I went with these because most people described them as more musical, percussive, but still neutral, and with a good...
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