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I have a tough time choosing so I am going to name quite a few: Favorite Wii Games: Zelda Skyward Sword - I really didn't love Twilight Princess. It was a good game but I felt like I was just going through the motions even with a few of the cooler dungeons and items being pretty cool. The difficulty wasn't there either. But Skyward Sword just rocked. Challenging combat, a great story, a lot of adventure, and better use of the motion controls. My only qualm...
The Wii U is a new console which succeeds the Wii. It is better in just about every single way.
Try to find a copy of the Nintendo Land, the original Wii U bundle game. Should only run you 15-20 bucks or so.Wonderful 101 also does some cool things with it.
Although not the most glowing review in the world, i feel like this really gets across why wonderful 101 is awesome: m.youtube.com/watch?v=mdI4m8Sitwk
I just don't consider it to be a natural sounding loudspeaker; it's not a matter of what it's paired with. You may not feel the same way, or maybe you do. Don't forget EMP has a good return policy.
The only reason the numbers were brought up was because "(I am) are in the extreme minority that liked it.". He's basically putting this game in the same category as stuff like Knack on PS4 or Ryse on X1 when that's clearly not the case. Of course there's subjectivity involved - until you get to "majorities" and "minorities" - then numbers are an objective statistic.
I am not a fan of the E5Ci. I vastly preferred phantom center mode over the discrete e5Ci center. Maybe the E56Ci is a big step up, and maybe it isn't. But I can't recommend the former. If the latter is too expensive, perhaps get neither, run phantom center, and run multiple quality subs.
I bought my Wind Waker Wii U just over a week ago and I love it. As a gamer, I've known since the N64 era that owning just a nintendo wouldn't be enough, but nor would just owning a playstation. For Final Fantasy VII, I would raise a Majora's Mask. For MGS3, I would raise a Tales of Symphonia. For The Last of Us, I raise a Xenoblade. Just too much fun to be had by limiting your options. To me buying a PS4 and Wii U is an easy choice - both will have great...
Actually, the majority doesn`t even agree with him. It`s the so-called professional reviewers - those rushing through the game and trying to meet deadlines - that gave it any mixed reviews, kind of like that guy who thinks he can evaluate a game based on its demo. It has an 8.7 rating on gamefaqs among 143 voters, an 8.3 rating on metacritic among 198 voters, and an 8.9 rating on IGN among 189 voters.
The same could be said of games like Guitar Hero or Call of Duty on other consoles. Wii gets a bad rap because it was packaged with WiiPlay. Yes it's true that sold a lot of systems to non-gamers, but I find it a bit insulting when you say Wii wasn't a console... Mario Galaxy & Galaxy 2, Xenoblade, The Last Story, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, Pandora's Tower, Smash Bros,Virtual Console, Gamecube Backwards Compatibility... it was a perfectly fine console although its...
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