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sweet. I look forward to a seos center!
Do you plan to build a seos type center?
Where are you seeing ep4000 for 279? i only see them over 350 online.
honestly, i would just get a new set of speakers. the primus p163 is identical as far as the sound goes. the only difference is in the front plate which is gloss black.
the primus line hasnt been discontinuued to my knowledge. only the 150/160 has been discontinued and replaced with the identical sounding p153/163 and so on. the only difference is the front is black. so if you want to get a center channel speaker. get the primus 250 or 351 i think. whatever says it has mmd tech.it all sounds the same. infinity hasnt designed a new driver in forever.
true. i got my p163 pair for just 170 with free shipping from crutchfield. i was using the lower 85 price as opposed to the usual 139/ speaker.
i would hope the HSU speakers sound better as they cost 2x as much per pair compared to the primus.
have u tried running audessy again?
the klipsch are 8 ohms so they will work fine with your receiver. if i were you though, i would go with the infinity speakers. they have really good imaging and are great replacements to what you have right now.
i would check out the hsu hb-1 mk2. there are great reviews about this pair. if you pair it with a sub, you will get amazing sound and imaging. the infinity p162 is also very nice with the high and midrange.boston acoustics a26 is also good.pioneer bs41 bookshelf speakers also sounds good.arx a1 from audio insider also are reputed to sound great with its planar tweeter. take your pick.
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