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Guess that's what happens when I ask a stupid question.. I've got a plan drawn up on cad, I'll post when I get a chance.
I've been reading these forums for a while, just to get ideas for my basement. There are alot of awesome basement and bar builds (and knowledgeable people) on these forums so couldn't think of better place to post. While I know this site is meant for home theaters, I was hoping to get some advise while I do my basement. And when I start I have pics.
Thanks, I'll look into it more. Geeze, flamed on my first post! I thought I was having sense thinking about that before anything else.. I tried a search but couldn't find much about this. Has anyone done this and had problems with peeling on any surfaces? The ductwork can get pretty warm, would this create problems with the paint? I'm assuming I should use a different kind of primer since i'm painting the ductwork wood and wires. Any recommendations or should I just go by...
If you're talking about the manual for the sprayer, I don't have one. And I've never used a paint sprayer before. Just an idea at this point. Should I just turn them off while i'm spraying and for a few hours after? Or what do people usually do?
I'm looking to part finish my basement for bar, games area and spot to watch movies (not really a theater though). On a budget and want to do something different. Thinking of painting the exposed ceiling black with a wagner sprayer. The furnace and water heater have open flame. Should I be closing off the furnace area before I paint ceiling? I can open the windows but they're small so there won't be alot of air movement.
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