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The big issue with the Wii U is that it only outputs limited RGB, s oI'm currently transcoding my Wii U's component output to RGB for my VGA monitor. However, that prevents me from getting surround sound, as the Wii U will only output that over HDMI (and won't send only audio over HDMI). If I got a later model HDFury, which can upscale limited RGB to full, would that be a noticeable difference from native full range color I get over analog YUV?
Ok, well it can still throw 720p in a 960p box for me, so hat helps too. The VP30 sounds like the unit for me. A half-frame delay is a good trade for 2x the color saturation. Do you know if the VP50 is even better with lag? It seems like it is something designers considered given what I've read about on IGN and elsewhere.
Yeah, you're definitely an authority on this sort of the thing because of your unique setup. Looks like I might have to study the service manual for my monitor and see if there's anything in there I can tinker with. As far as calibration, my plan was to throw test patterns on my other monitor, a Sony PVM formerly used for endoscopy, as a reference. I'm still looking into other options too, like line doubling, which would have the effect of making my picture much brighter...
I've noticed delay on Sony HD CRT I used to use. Those TV's actually digitally process analog signals before they convert them back to analog for the electron guns. In 480p mode, even though there is no scaling, there was noticeable delay caused by the color processing, especially in wide mode. So that experience has made me wary of using any digital processing with my analog stuff.I'm hoping there is some HT stuff from the 90's that just used a series of sliders and...
HD Fury converts HDMI to RGBHV, so that doesn't help me here. GammaX just deals with deep black, I need gamma correction for the whole spectrum. Actually my main issue is that I need to adjust the upper middle whites, I need to make them darker.
Did you use them for video games though? It's impossible to notice 3/60ths of a second delay when you're watching a movie, but when you're playing a fighting game or racing game it's painfully obvious. And I'm sure if there any pure analog models out there, they're probably pretty cheap on the secondhand market.
I have another question Fudoh. Can the VP30 take a1080p image and letterbox inside a 1920x1440 area? If so I would be much more likely to pick one up. When I display 1080p and shrink it vertically to get the correct aspect ratio, there is a little stretching at the top of the image. That's not the case with PC games that output 1440p with letterboxing.
Both of those Lumagens have this on their specs page:I don't think that can be bypassed. I'm sure that even analog signals are converted to digital internally for modification before they are converted back to analog for the display.I'll be using this for all the game consoles released between 1999 and 2002, and the Wii. Those were all 480p, and 480p material is darker on my display than higher-res material. Keeping the entire signal path analog ensures there won't be any...
I'm looking for something that has similar capabilities to the Lumagen Radiance with regard to gamma correction, but I need something that is analog in and analog out, with no digital conversion in between. Were there any such devices produced in the past? I imagine there could have been demand for something like that in the 90's, and it would probably resemble a graphic equalizer electronically.
Oh yeah, I've been by your page before. I'll definitely keep a look out on ebay for those scalers. In the meantime I'll just deal with the transcoder I have now. The colors are still very accurate, they just don't pop at 480p like Wipeout HD does at 1080p. My monitor does have a "super bright" mode, which I was exited about at first because it definitely got the Wii menu to the blinding level of white it is on most displays, but it just ended up crushing all light grays...
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