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That's definitely not the problem. This TV is not even 10 years old yet, and it is INCREDIBLY bright... like blinding. You have to turn the contrast way down so whites don't look like a burning sun. The problem is on the bottom end, with deep blacks/grays. The top 90% of the color bars looks about right, with the last few being a too bright and blending together somewhat. Some piece of hardware is clipping (THERE'S the word I'm looking floor) deep blacks in the signal,...
EDIT: So you don't have to read the thread, the answer is no. It's a an issue with PS3 and old games. I have the KV13FS100, and the darkest grays are not showing even when I crank the brightness to the point where everything is washed out. Do you guys think there is a setting in the service menu to eliminate some of the digital video processing, kind of like the HDPT on the HD sets? Or is that even the issue? Could this just be a bad tube since it's one of sony's cheaper...
I've always wondered this too. Any insight would be appreciated. During games I'm running my Lacie at 75hz at 2048x1536. That comes out to about 120Hz horizontally (or vertically, can't remember). If this is going to take years of my monitor I'd like to know, so I could dial it back.
oh yeah, forgot about motion. I wasn't sure if modern LCD's took care of that problem, but all LCD TV's I've seen lose a lot of sharpness when the picture is in motion. Very blurry and hard to make any detail out.
Your TV will look superb in 1080i. Any flat panel you get will be a little sharper at 1080p, but the color and black levels may not be as good, depends on the set. And most flat panels have lag, with the least lag at their native resolution. But your CRT will only have 0 lag at 1080i, so you have a few things to think about.
Ok, but the PS3 lags during backwards compatibility even at 480i over analog, and I've heard that the lag increases when it scales to higher resolutions, so I thought it might be a similar issue with the 360.
Scaling shouldn't lag, correct, but it certainly causes lag on the PS3 when scaling PS2 and PS1 games. So I'm thinking that there is more of a chance the xbox is causing it than the TV. I mean, HDPT pretty much overrides everything, from what I've read on this forum. It cuts out all possible digital image processing. It's possible HDMI processing could cause the lag, but I know that my HDfury is lag free with my CRT monitor. So if XBR has an inefficient D/A converter on...
Dude, read my post, it probably has nothing to do with your TV.
Yeah I'm sure they'll get right on that... Seriously though, don't be afraid of flat panel technology in the arcade. I went to the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Chicago, and they had a Arkanoid cabinet retrofitted with an LCD screen. The LCD screen worked perfectly. Instantaneous response time, just as good as a CRT. It felt like you were directly controlling the paddle, not inputting some command that would be processed for a while before it displayed onscreen. The colors...
Ha no, internet slang: For The Win.
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