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Austin is an AVS member who goes by popalock. He has sixteen 18" SI drivers in a room not much larger then a closet. That's his theater of pain.
Were that the case you would have a completely different profession my friend...
That model has two distinct drivers, so it really wouldn't fit into the theme of this thread. The only dual-driver speakers I've included are coaxial/concentric, but beyond that I don't have any of the more conventional speakers.
I have, to an extent, "expanded" the definition of this thread, so I'm open to considering more potential options at this point. Although, if I'm being completely honest, I do confess to being a bit confused about the target audience for Newform. I'm not sure I understand who they're trying to reach with those speakers.
Personally, I would love to hear one. If it's anywhere near as capable as his website intimates it's probably one heckuva nice sub.
They certain seem interesting, but does he actually sell those subwoofers? I don't believe I've ever heard a single person say they own one. Last I checked on his site there was no pricing info, or even much in the way of specs. The two or three times I tried contacting him about them netted me zero replies, which is what makes me wonder if he does offer them for sale.
That's because it isn't; the S2 has always had both drivers facing forward.
By all means, feel free to do so. If something I wrote can help a person make a choice that works for them then I've accomplished what I set out to do. That's one of the primary reasons I write those reviews. It's certainly not for the measly paycheck...
Sadly, I don't think they give a crap. Due to the number of shipments I get there have been several instances where I've had to contact them because a package appears to have been dragged behind the truck for a few miles. Contacting UPS netted me little more than a generic, apathetic response. I've had better experience with FedEx, but I have my reservations about them as well.
I'm glad everything worked out for you in the end. Enjoy your subwoofer...
New Posts  All Forums: