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Yep I've had both and totally agree. The Mitsubishi also produces an image with far greater dynamic range and richer colour. The Epson to my eyes has a hard, digital look; not so the Mitsubishi.
This doesn't surprise me... The Mitsubishi DLP projectors have incredible image quality for such inexpensive items.
And another very positive review. http://www.techradar.com/reviews/aud...-917681/review
The chassis looks similar to a Mitsubishi HC4000...
I've just acquired a VPLHW20 and absolutely love it. I've (recently) previously owned a Mitsubishi HC3800 (which impressed) and an Epson 8350. (which I found underwhelming) The Sony has all the considerable sharpness, punch and pop of the Mitsubishi DLP, but with much better black levels, produces better skin tones and colour in general and is whisper quiet in its operation. Overall I'm really impressed with the image quality.
I've owned both the Epson 8350 and previous to that the Mitsubishi HC3800. I loved the added placement flexibility and greater light output of the Epson but was underwhelmed with its image quality. Overall I found that the Mitsubishi produced a sharper image with greater dynamic range and reproduced colour with more accuracy. My preference is for a film like image it must be said. The Epson may be the better choice for those looking for a high light output (in its high...
Yes all good points. It's great in its dynamic mode, far brighter and more accurate than what the AE2000 could do.
I've had both the AE2000 and the Epson 8350. I would say that the Epson does pull away a bit in terms of black levels and image sharpness. You should notice a difference in darker scenes (such as night-time/space scenes and the like). I do agree that there isn't a huge difference between the two overall though.
Using fast iris. Is this delay to full black fairly standard in modern LCD projectors? My old Panasonic PT-AE2000 didn't have such noticable action of the iris, but then the 8350 definitely achieves a significantly deeper black when it does get there.
Can anyone comment on the perceivable iris action of the Epson 8350? Specifically; I notice that when the projector goes to a pure black frame it takes maybe three seconds or so to completly close the iris. Can anyone confirm the same on their unit?
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