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You can try the following: - Turn off edge-enhancement - Reduce sharpness down to tolerable levels - Ensure screen format is set to "just scan" to get 1:1 pixel mapping - Disable any dynamic contrast settings or vivid color settings - Disable any black enhancement settings
I've been using the to go app in my house when I don't feel like sitting up and watching my ST60. I just pull-out my S4 and watch it on my phone that way I can lay down comfortably.Nice touch
Firmware update released for the lip sync issue. Have to manually download and install at the moment from the support site and install via USB. May fix input lag as well everything seems more responsive
I noticed immediately after updating that menu navigation of the Panasonic is noticeably smoother.
Don't have those issues on my Panasonic ST60 Plasma with sharpness set to 0. Game looks pretty poor on the PS4 though - the PC version looks leaps and bounds better due to native 1080p
What did the latest software update do? One just released?
The ST60 gets plenty bright. I have owned the 50" ST60 and use it exclusively for gaming and sports... Unbelievable set. Input lag is completely overstated and is negligible. I am a hard core gamer and it has little if no impact on my gaming experience.
Hello, Long time no post, but routine reader. I've got approximately 1567 hours (since April) on my 50" ST60 at the moment. Upon entering practice mode on NBA 2K14 I've encountered the following issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxlPY65VM0E&feature=youtube_gdata_player Not sure what's going on here, and I notice the same thing on some faces at times. Any help would be great - thanks.
Mine looks no where near that clear or contrasty.
Try now
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