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Just got my sub 12 and ran my pbk
Oppo br players
Hdmi and optical out to reciever
The 3rd gen just came out not to long ago I think. Just hard to keep up to the demand as pano makes the best 3 d tvs
I had the same issue with a older LCD its was something to do with the backlighting took it to get fixed cost $100. Samsung has poor customer service I would call and fit for them to fix the tv or replace it. U can look online to find a service dealer and take it there should be under warrenty with the bill
Call Panasonic to see what they say. I think they will be fine might be a bit big still.
I have heard they are small. Best bet is to take your son with u to futureshop or electronic store and have him try them on before u buy them.......
question..i have the studio 40's and cc590v4..friend has used s4 and c3..my question is would it be worth to upgrade to the s4 and c3 or no?i have heard that theres isnt much difference other then a better tweeter on the signature series..the reason i ask is the guy is selling them and adp490 as well for $1300..i am in the market for new rears or fronts but if i where to go fronts i want 60's...
Brian with the panny plasma there is no break in period as with the older models from the past. I don't have mine calibrated I just use thx mode and find it really good. If u wana get it calibrated I don't suggest best buy or futureshop I would go with a good electronic shop. U can look on here for that tv as some people have posted there calibration specs
i'll try that still unsure on the pic u have..so 1 is in the front and middle of the chairs..then 2 is in front of on chair or beside..i cant move the sub as its to big and no where to put it
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