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Socom confrontation and Socom 4 were running on dedicated servers. The servers were shut down in January.http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/SOCOM-Announcements/SOCOM-amp-MAG-SERVERS-CLOSING-DOWN-28TH-JANUARY-2014/td-p/41026149
Lol it just amuses me when people brag about "The cloud" or how Titanfall is running on servers when PS3 gamers have been playing games on servers for a while. Years ago when brought that up then they dismissed it.
Its funny to me that some of the Xbox gamers brag about "the cloud" or games having dedicated servers but when the PS3 had games running on servers that they downplayed that. They think its a new thing or something, that always amused me. Games like MAG, Resistance, Killzone 2, Socom, Warhawk etc, all were running on dedicated servers and for free.
My free trial ends on March 1st. I received an email from them yesterday for $4.99 a month for 6 months, so I accepted that deal. The phone number that was in the email is 888-891-8317. They also didn't charge an activation fee since I'm still on the free trial.
On or Auto.
I am using a PS3. The overlay says 1080 Super HD
4300 Kbps
I'm getting Super HD as well. I just discovered it on Friday. Im on the 6Mbps AT&T U Verse plan.
I have the 6Mbps package from AT&T and it worked fine for me. No buffering, studdering etc..
LPCM and Bitstream are options for dvd or blu ray movies only. All apps use pcm for the sound. You can't choose bitstream or lpcm for the apps or games. Te ps3 will convert the sound it wont give your receiver the option of bitstreaming it.
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