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idk, it should always just work. Keep in mind that for mkv files, the creator decides whether the subs are played automatically with the default track flag.
I think it is the fullscreen exclusive mode setting, but I would advise you to leave it on and just get used to it, since it performs the best. The windowed overlay mode is an high performance alternative to fullscreen exclusive mode in the new madvr if I understand correctly, but only supports nvidia cards atm.
you need to use the 32 bit version of xy subfilter. Other than that i dont know what could be causing it. Make sure the subs are selected in lav splitter, and enabled in xy subfilter. For subtitles to be enabled by default, you have to use the default flag in your mkv muxer when making the mkv. idk if there is an analogous feature in tsmuxer.
if you haven't already, try 23p with the 96hz option that your tv should have.
you don't want to use xy vsfilter, make sure you use xy subfilter.
hmm, go to internal filters and check everything.
It's essentially for really old setups that don't support multichannel audio. You would take your 5.1 audio, downmix to stereo and use dolby pro logic 2 matrix encoding, then if your receiver supported dolby pro logic II matrix decoding, it would attempt to reconstruct the 5.1 channels. I imagine your equipment would have to be pre-dvd, since dvd era stuff could generally do 5.1.
yea, all lossy audio is going to be 32 float, it's the proper thing to do. The only exception to this is dts with the dtsdecoder dll. Also, trying to match the bit depth on the directsound audio renderer is going to be in vain anyway, since windows immediately converts input to 32 float. You have to use wasapi exclusive mode or bitstream. The normalization on downmixing is different in lav audio than windows, so lav audio's mix sounds louder. 16 bit dithering is useful if...
are you using file>open dvd/bluray? try that in mpc hc.
1080p24 is close enough where there is no big issues playing 23.976 fps material, it should look a lot better than 1080p60 for example. Furthermore, you can use reclock or videoclock to just speed up the video to 24 fps. But yea, mightyhuhn is exactly right. Only use native resolutions, and try smooth motion at 60hz rather than refresh rate matching. This might be a windows 8 specific bug with madvr and refresh rates. You can also improve image doubling performance by...
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