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Sorry folks. I should have posted the thread with complete information. Make and Model for Subwoofer is NXG and the model number is NX-PROSUB8. I am assuming that the speakers are from the same manufacturer as well. Could you please recommend good speakers or manufacturer for my requirements? Thanks in advance.
Hello, A home audio expert recommended the below speakers for installing 5.1 surround system in my home. Appreciate if you can check the specs and make recommendations if required. Can you please recommend a site like amazon or some store where I buy the speakers along with speaker brand? Pro Series 8" 150-Watt 3-Way In-Wall Speaker (Front pair) -- 169.00 Pro Series Dual 5.25" 120-Watt Video-Shielded 2- Way LCR In-Wall Mounted Speaker -99.00 Pro Series 8"...
Hello, I got the below quote for wall mounting a 65 inch wall mount and installing surround system installation. I would like to get expert's opinion to find out if the quote is reasonable. I already have a Denon receiver. 5.1 Surround sound system installation (all wires conceal ( Custom work)) -- 237.00 Wall mount flat panel TV Installation (all wires concealed) -- $249.00 Power Outlet -- 75.00 Universal remote control programming ...
Thanks ack_bk and lespurgeon!
I watch most of the tv in upstair living room and movies and sports in basement room.
I googled in-ceiling vs in-wall speakers but I could not relate information to my needs. I am planning to install home theater with speakers in my living room and basement living room. Here are the details. Appreciate if I can get some opinions on what to go with. Living room 1: 11 * 20 size Usage: 80% for watching movies/cable tv or 20% music Concern: I had a home theater guy looked at the place and said it may need to make 4 to 5 holes for wiring/installation. I...
Experts, Here are the room dimensions. w = 11 feet l = 21 feet h = 8 feet 6 inches Do I have enough space to build a good media room? If not I can use another room in the basement to build my home theater.
I prefer some dim light when playing the projector. I did not know the difference between DLP and LCD but I just looked it up on google. I am ok with either one of them. Looking at the room dimensions, do I have enough space to build a good media room? If not I can use another room in the basement to build my home theater equipment.
Here are the room specs; still have not decided what to get. Please advice. Attachment 190961 Attachment 190962 Attachment 190963 Attachment 190964 Attachment 190965
Thanks everybody, let me get the room specs. This is for a dedicated media room, it is paritially finished. Room is dark, decent size. I may use the home theater for 5 to 10 hours per week. Plan is to get the projector, screen, receiver, speakers, Blue ray player, cabinet for the media room, install everything and then finish the media room later.
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