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Nothing can do what youre asking.
Write www.hsuresearch.com a check for a killer $800 sub
Start buying tickets near the back
A $1000 reciever with audysey will provide an audiable improvement
Movie mode has been know to cause the premature fusing of the flux capacitor to the main picture processor. Use it with extreme caution.
Those speakers are small, you will want a subwoofer.
I found that using banana plugs gave me more thorough lows, less shrill highs, and a perfectly transparent midrange. I almost jumped out of my jean shorts after I made the switch. Make sure you buy machined plugs, as cast/forged plugs will cause a higher frequency variance.
He probably payed MSRP for the Cambridge and is giving us the wrong end of his buyers remorse.
Use a denon 591, im an audiophile and that is what I recommend.
Get the Denon and save 200 bucks. Its brand new and its a CI model, there is nothing to lose. Only a true audiophile (like me) could hear the difference between the two.
New Posts  All Forums: