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I learn something every day.
I've gone three or four times in the last year for purely social reasons. Every time was a disappointment.
They were never great speakers and by today's standards even less so. If you must keep them then get the surrounds replaced.
I had problems with the 5508, which is by no means low end.
I read the new version of PowerDVD is to include Cinavia. Lets hope that VLC isn't forced to include it.
No. What your seeing is probably graphs from REW with a calibrated mic.
Lets see, pay more for a download than a physical cd? Pay more for more bits when it doesn't make a difference? Or buy a cd and copy it to your computer? I go for the latter so physical media is not obsolete for me.
I've used Senn HD600s for many years and have been totally satisfied. Never attached them to my 4520ci though, use them exclusively with the Asus Xonar Essence STX in my computer.
I didn't realize how much it bothered me until it was gone. The Denon doesn't do this.
The relays people complain about, as I had, are on the inputs of the Onkyo models. They click every time a mode or input is changed. Keep your big boy pants to yourself or wear skirts like I do.
New Posts  All Forums: