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I doubt that either is better as far as sound quality but mechanical ones are certainly annoying to many. And Arnie, how are mechanical ones any better in any real sense? I've had mechanical relays get intermittent, never had that happen with electronic ones.
Ahh, using Scanspeak Revelators, low efficiency so that's the reason.
Went from Onkyo pre-pro to Denon 4520 two years ago. Am very satisfied.
Hmm, three miniDSPs and I get no hiss. Using two of them as active crossovers for my L/C/R the third just for bass eq and don't really need it for that. Using cell phone chargers as power supplies except for the balanced one which feeds a Behringer EP4000. Perhaps its because my L/C/Rs use Emotiva amps.
Emotiva XPA-3, UPA-5, UPA-2 and Behringer EP4000 (for subs). Actively crossover my L/C/R with miniDSPs. Three years now with these amps.
I've had a Behringer EP4000 for several years that I did a fan transplant on. No Problems and I use it to power two inefficient subs.
Yes, one must be careful but if one is it's perfectly alright to actively biamp with miniDSPs which I do. I've blown a tweeter but just once over several years and that was by error on my part. It was a $200 Scanspeak tweeter.
My feeling is it's a HDCP error.
I had friends with those Allison speakers. They were pretty good sounding at the time.
You are a real charming guy.
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