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I had a Pioneer integrated amp in the early 80s that looked much like that Akai. It was very fine sounding.
I personally have preferred lower sensitivity speakers and think their sound quality is better unless you equate extreme loudness with quality. It's a matter of taste.
My modern AVR has a phono input. Some others do too.
Why do so many people attach components other than their set top box to their tv? That's what the AVR is for.
With speakers I think differences in source material would play a big part. Too many variables in crossovers, drivers, and enclosures.
The speakers are so close to the untreated walls that there is no way you'd get optimal sound. This is the most common mistake I see and with such speakers it's almost criminal.
I thought more than one stereo processor could be used. Probably my bad.
MiniDSP has a Dirac unit coming out.
A lot of people like that sound. I do too, for limited periods and with music only.
I remember when "switching distortion" was an audible effect with solid state ab amplifiers. This was back when solid state amplifiers were new on the market. These days all distortion is so low that it is no longer an audible phenomenon. So yes, a marketing ploy.
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