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I've gotten faulty units three times, the UMC-1, an Onkyo Pre-pro with a faulty ribbon cable, and the Denon 4311 that wouldn't do 1080P60. At least with the Onkyo and the Denon the manufacturer or sales people acknowledged the problem and offer a fix. The UMC-1 was/is a faulty design for which there is no fix. I thank AV Science again for their excellent service in resolving the problem with the 4311 by giving me full credit towards a discounted 4520ci. It has served...
Well some AVRs have a pre-pro mode that disconnects the amps. That's how I use my 4520ci as it is less expensive than any pre-pro with similar features except for Onkyo which I had a bad experience with. For my DIY speakers I went with miniDSPs and Emo amps. I went active as I had always wanted to try active and had an inheritance to spend. I am very satisfied. A very good passive is probably close to being as good as active, apart from equalization capabilities of...
Emo is less accurate in their forecasts than Nostradamus. As a former UMC-1 user I recall one failed pronouncement after another. Excellent amps but so far total failure when it comes to pre-pros.
The transcoding is optional with a fast connection, especially ethernet, and I have a fast (i7) cpu on my desktop. I don't use wireless except for my phone and tablet and my wireless connection is fast at least with the tablet. Its one of the reasons I don't believe in using a low performance cpu.
The WD TV Live does this for me. Roku also does some of this but is more limited unless used with Plex which is my favorite right now. Plex really adds a lot. There are a multitude of products that do this now.
He is why I have one person blocked.
I use both the Roku 2 XS and the WD TV Live. The Roku for Amazon Prime and Netflix and the WD for streaming music and video. Both are on ethernet.
I set my router to exclusively use wireless N, that doubled the throughput. I've only toyed around with wireless, my Roku is hardwired. This summer I will be using the laptop in my bedroom (its where the a/c is), its connected with wireless. and I will see then. Have watched with VLC from there without problems.
So is your Roku set up with wireless? If so it may be an issue with your wireless.
I beg to differ. 80 hz is probably where the crossover should be set. It will relieve the bass-mids of low bass, increasing midrange clarity and the power amp of having to drive them at LFs.
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