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Did you know that 20% of americans believe the sun revolves around the earth? Many americans despise science, I think this contributes to the unscientific thinking we see here and the blaming of equipment for things that rational problem solving can explain.
Yet HeadFi continues to review equipment as if that article isn't there.
A poorly designed ported speaker, which I wouldn't have in my house, will sound poor as will a poorly designed sealed speaker. There can be port noise and other factors. As you will see in my post, I put CAN in quotes to point out that its possible for a sealed sub to be bigger than a ported one. My current DIY subs have passive radiators eliminating the possibility of port noise and the speaker drivers have 2" of linear excursion so will not bottom out.
You are precisely right except a ported sub will be larger. Both ported and sealed can serve their intended purpose. The benefit of a sealed sub is it "can" be smaller and because of this doesn't stand out as much. The rest of the "benefits" of sealed subs are myth and misinformation.If your satisfied by the sub it is what you should have.
The fan though is a deal breaker for me.
My Denon 4520ci and my car have HD Radio. Listen to classical in HD in my car whenever I'm driving. Definitely better than standard FM. I'm in Minneapolis MN. I use the subchannel that provides music all the time.
LauLau, you could be correct. I don't know about M&K but many speaker companies exaggerate sensitivity and frequency response. It could be one or the other or both that stretch the truth. KBarnes knows his stuff though.
I would set the crossover in the sub as high as it will go or turn it off entirely. You want just one crossover, the one in the 4520ci doing all the work. It "could" be the cause of your trouble.
I know the difference but still make the mistake at times.
Your very welcome!
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